Many consider themselves accomplished runners if they complete one marathon in their lifetime. Others might do one a year, and the majority of highly-competitive athletes do one in the Spring and one in the Fall. But some people can't be satisfied. For these foolish Maniacs we bring the Seattle Quadzilla: Four marathons in four days!

More of a half marathon person? Run the Quadzuki instead (four half marathons in four days)!

You must register for all four events. There is not an all-in-one registration, so be sure not to miss one of the registrations.

Wattle Waddle (11/26): Registration now open.
Wishbone Run (11/27): Registration now open.
Ghost of Seattle (11/28): Registration now open.
Seattle (11/29): Registration now open.

Wattle Waddle Marathon and
Wittle Waddle Half Marathon

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington
Marathon: 8:00am, Half Marathon: 9:00am

Join many Northwest runners in a Thanksgiving tradition by running a half or full marathon on Thanksgiving Day. A run along Burke-Gilman trail with views of Lake Union, Lake Washington, the Locks and the Puget Sound.

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Wishbone Run Trail Marathon and
Half-Bone Half Marathon

Friday, November 27, 2015

Green River Trail, Tukwila, Washington
Marathon/Half Marathon: 7:30am

Run the Wishbone Run Marathon or half marathon along the Green River Trail in Tukwila, Washington the day after Thanksgiving and avoid all the crowds at the mall.

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Ghost of Seattle Marathon and
Ghost of Seattle Half Marathon & 50K

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington
50K: 7:00am, Marathon: 8:00am, Half Marathon: 9:00am

Revisit the old Seattle Marathon course! The Ghost of Seattle runs along the Lake Washington with a loop around Seward Park. One of premier "micro" marathon in the Northwest if not the country!

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Seattle Marathon and
Seattle Half Marathon

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington
Marathon: 7:00am, Half Marathon: 7:30am

One of premier marathons in the entire Pacific Northwest! The Seattle Marathons takes you on a tour of the city of Seattle that includes Lake Washington, Seward Park, the Seattle Center and the I-90 Floating Bridge. See why this is one of the more popular races in the Northwest!

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2010 Quadzilla Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Steve Walters (15:16:34), Rebecca Yi (15:43:33)
2011 Quadzilla Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Jerry Mark (13:57:56), Rebecca Yi (16:49:41)
2012 Quadzilla Results (PDF) - WINNERS: Jonathan Symmes (13:43:08), Hope Fox (15:30:29)
2013 Quadzilla Results (PDF) - WINNERS: Jordan Myers (13:59:41), Sabrina Seher (16:03:21)
2014 Quadzilla Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Steve Walters (13:38:07), Sabrina Seher (17:09:49)
2015 Quadzilla Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Steve Walters (13:45:59), Amanda Hoskins (15:22:53)

2011 Quadzuki Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Ryan Orseth (8:20:19), Patti Krebsbach (8:14:55)
2012 Quadzuki Results (PDF) - WINNERS: Dan Larson (7:00:11), Sarah Getty (6:50:49)
2013 Quadzuki Results (PDF) - WINNERS: Rob McNair-Huff (7:06:27), Michele Ihrig (8:16:09)
2014 Quadzuki Results (JPG) - WINNERS: David Wilson (6:52:59), Aimie Shaw (6:24:37)
2015 Quadzuki Results (JPG) - WINNERS: Barry Petzold (6:01:56), Amy Margolis (7:44:43)